The U.S.S. South Dakota survived World War I. It was the U.S.S. San Diego which sank in the area noted in the story.

Ralph Johnson writes:

The San Diego was sunk on July 19, 1918. She was hit at 11:23 A.M. after she left Portsmouth, New Hampshire, en route to New York. She had rounded Nantucket Light and was heading west. The Sea was smooth, the visibility 6 miles. She sank at 11:51 AM. The Diego sank only 28 minutes after the initial explosion.

The San Diego was the only major warship lost by the United States in World War I. When the Navy eventually finalized the death toll, the official count was only six. At first it was thought to be a torpedo but now it is generally accepted that a mine laid by the German submarine U-156 did the job.

Follow this link to a diver's view of the San Diego.

This note has been added after consulting historian Dr. James North and has the approval of author Victor Knowles.

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