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Dave Brink Photo
David Brink comes from several generations of preachers. His grandfather was the highly-successful Archie Word. His father, Loren Brink, preached in several communities before settling as an elder at Central Christian Church in Portland. Dave is the lead preacher at Central, is principal of Central Christian Academy and directs the NCB program, as well as teaching one class each semester.
Tammy is Mrs. Dave Adams.
Mike Kennedy is the preacher at the Minnehaha Church of Christ in Vancouver. He holds two Masters degrees from Cincinnati Bible Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Western Seminary. Mike was in charge of youth ministry at Central Christian for 12 years.
Joel Adams Photo
Joel Adams is the Minister at the River Hills Church in Gresham, Oregon.
Stephanie Kennedy Photo
Stephanie Kennedy is the wife of Mike Kennedy. She is also a music teacher in the Vancouver School District. Stephanie earned her master's degree from Seattle Pacific University.
Justin Brink Photo Photo
Justin Brink is the Associate Minister at Central Christian Church in Portland, Oregon.

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