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We are pleased that you are considering God's work in your future plans. This is a good step in the right direction, as you get started in your career planning. The world needs Christian leaders who are serious about the well-being of the church, and reaching the lost for Jesus. We believe that in order for the gospel to reach the world we must have competent leadership in the church. Through a carefully designed combination of classroom instruction, personal discipleship by the faculty, and on-the-job training and experience, we intend to raise up leaders who are effective workmen in the Lord's church.

Your participation in NCB can be the richest and most rewarding experience of your life if you use it wisely. Our prayer is that you will let God work His "good and pleasing and perfect will'' in your life, and that He can use NCB to help make it all come true.


Northwest College of the Bible is a fellowship of evangelists and elders of several northwest churches cooperating in love under the oversight of the elders of Central Christian Church for the training and education of future leaders of the Lord's church. It offers college level courses on a full time or a part time basis for the strengthening of the local churches, and the preparation of full time careers for Christ.


Northwest College of the Bible began operation in 1952 under the leadership of A. Word, Warren Bell, and Lee Turner. It was originally named The Churches of Christ School of Evangelists , meeting in the facility of The Church at 550 N.E. 76th Ave. , in Portland, Oregon. It was intended to be a cooperative effort of the churches of the greater Portland area to produce qualified and dedicated leadership for the ongoing of the Lord's church. When The Church at 550 relocated in its new building as the Crossroads Church of Christ in 1978, the school moved with it, and was renamed Northwest College of the Bible. In 1985 it was relocated in the Duke Street Church of Christ and when Duke Street merged with Central Christian Church , the school has met in the facilities there. Though the school location has changed to fit current needs through the years, it has continued to pursue the constant goals of holiness and academic excellence. The faculty and curriculum remain the same, only the location has changed.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, provides an excellent location for this leadership training program. It is the largest city in Oregon, with a population of about one million in the greater Portland area. It is located between the Columbia and Willamette rivers, close to the mountains and the ocean in the beautiful and fertile Willamette Valley. Many other secular and religious colleges and universities are located in the area within easy driving distance. There is a choice of many different congregations with which to work and fellowship. These churches present many opportunities for students to receive practical experience in teaching and preaching while attending school, and a "home away from home" for those who move here from a distance.


The Purpose of Northwest College of the Bible is to:

1. Equip every Christian for ministry in his or her local congregation,
2. Encourage and prepare Christians for missionary work in the world,
3. Encourage and prepare Christian men for leadership in the Lord?s Church.

This is accomplished through the cooperative efforts of the evangelists, pastors and teachers of the local congregations according to Ephesians 4:11-13.

11It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, 12to prepare God?s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

NCB helps us fulfill God's purpose in the church.

The wisdom of God is to be made known through the church, according to Ephesians 3:10. Leaders are to equip the saints for the work of ministering. If church leaders do not do this within the church environment, then the work will have to be done by para-church organizations. We are resolved to do this important training in the context of the local congregation. Northwest College of the Bible is under the supervision of the elders of Central Christian Church in Portland, and meets in the facilities provided by the church.

NCB helps us fulfill our ministries as Christian leaders.

Timothy was instructed, "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also'' (II Timothy 2:2). Preachers are to recruit and train other preachers as part of their ministry. We are able to accomplish this part of our ministry through our cooperative efforts at NCB.

This is not a conventional Bible College where the teachers have left the day-to-day ministry of a congregation and have limited themselves to the affairs of the classroom. Our teachers are busy in the duties of their regular ministries, and in addition take time to "commit the word to faithful men.'' This promotes a realistic and practical dimension in the teaching of the Word not found in most other Bible colleges.

NCB is practical and efficient in operation

The student is in class four days each week. This schedule allows time for secular employment, study, and Christian service, while at the same time providing a full college level course of study. Each student has placed his or her fellowship with Central Christian Church or with a cooperating church in the area, which provides opportunity for practice in effective personal work and church leadership. In addition the student will participate in an internship program during the fourth or fifth year, which is an on-the-job training program to enhance his/her service goals.

NCB expects a high level of spiritual conduct among its students.

In the scriptures we are instructed to "commit the word to faithful men" 2 Timothy 2:2. Therefore we conclude that prospective students must live in a way that others can see faithfulness in their lives. This includes regular attendance at the services of the congregation where you now are, and a good reputation among your family, friends, and the church.

NCB is co-educational in scope

Women in the New Testament church contributed much to its success by working within their divinely appointed fields. The Bible school in the local assembly, the work of counseling and encouraging others, and personal evangelism are some of the present opportunities for women who are qualified by training and consecration. Also, wives of the leaders of churches must be women of Spiritual wisdom, and knowledge. To enable young Christian women to prepare themselves for these high callings, we urge them to participate in the classes and Spiritual atmosphere of the school. Women may also earn a degree, even though their field of service is not in church leadership.

NCB is wise in forethought

To maintain our principles, we resolve that this school shall always be the direct work of the local congregations, and we shall avoid having a faculty severed from specific local churches. We shall remain unincorporated since all of our purposes can be fulfilled through the cooperating churches.


If you desire a Bible education for fruitful Christian service, we invite you to inquire further.


NCB is certified by the State of Oregon to grant degrees. We offer three degrees: a two year Associate of Sacred Literature, a four year Bachelor of Sacred Literature. and a five year Bachelor of Theology. While Northwest College of the Bible is not accredited by any accrediting association, this has not had a negative affect on any of our students' employment opportunities as ministers in Restoration Movement churches. Also, in most cases where graduates have applied to other colleges and universities for further education, their credits have been accepted, when they are in harmony with the degree they are pursuing.


The prospective student should complete an Application for Admission form, and submit it to Northwest College of the Bible. When making application for admission, the student should have a transcript sent to NCB by the last high school attended. Those who have previous college training should also have their college transcript forwarded to Wherever possible, NCB will honor credits earned in another college, if a grade of C or above was maintained in the course. No student will be prohibited from enrolling in the classes because he lacks a high school diploma, but in all cases where the student is working for a Bachelor of Sacred Literature, or Theology, a high school diploma or its equivalent is a prerequisite.


Associate of Christian Literature
A two year program of classroom work. Credits earned may be applied toward either of the two higher levels.
Bachelor of Sacred Literature
A four year program in the classroom, with internship.
Bachelor of Theology
A five year program in the classroom, with internship, and a thesis.


Grades are computed on the following basis:
A 100 - 94 B+ 89 - 87 C+ 79 - 77 D+ 69 - 67
A-   93 - 90 B 86 - 84 C 76 - 74 D 66 - 64
B- 83 - 80 C- 73 - 70 D- 63 - 60


Two Year Associate of Christian Literature
64 credit hours as follows:
Old Testament 16 hours
New Testament 16 hours
General Studies 28 hours
Chapel   4 hours
Total 64 hours

Four Year Bachelor of Sacred Literature
128 credit hours as follows:
Old Testament   16 hours
New Testament   32 hours
General Studies   52 hours
Languages   12 hours
Chapel     8 hours
Internship     8 hours
Total 128 hours

Five-Year Bachelor of Theology
152 credit hours as follows:
Old Testament   20 hours
New Testament   36 hours
General Studies   58 hours
Languages   16 hours
Chapel   10 hours
Internship     8 hours
Thesis     4 hours
Total 152 hours


The Internship Program is to be accomplished during the fourth year of school, regardless of whether the student plans to pursue a five year degree. An application form is submitted to the faculty at the beginning of the fourth year requesting the internship program. Assignment is then made to a faculty member for its supervision. The internship program is to be completed, and all papers turned in one month before the end of the schoolyear for evaluation. See the Internship Handbook for details. No degree can be issued until the internship program is completed.

The thesis is required only for the Bachelor of Theology. It is to be prepared in the fifth year of school, and is to be submitted for evaluation one month before the end of the school year. The subject must be approved by a faculty member before work is begun. The thesis is to be prepared using the guidelines of the Modern Language Association Style Sheet which is available from the school library or any book store. It is to be typewritten, double spaced, at least 50 pages in length, and include a title page with the author's name, name of the thesis, the date, and the name of the school. It is to include a bibliography showing adequate documentation for the subject chosen. It must give evidence of original research and constitute a distinct contribution in the field of the subject treated.


Today, there are a number of technological advancements that have made distance learning efficient and economical. There are several courses at NCB that are now available to take through our distance learning program. This is a very flexible program that the teachers work out with individual students. We are constantly adding more classes to this program. If you see a class that you want to take as a DLC, please contact Mike Kennedy or the teacher who normally teaches that course and let them know. The development of a DLC course depends upon the availability of the teacher and the demand from the students. You do not necessarily have to have internet access or an e-mail account in order to take a DLC course.


The following courses are identified by two letters and a three digit number. The two letters identifies the field of study the class is in.

The first digit identifies the degree of difficulty the student can expect in the class. This does not mean that a freshman cannot take a four-hundred level course. It is simply a tool to help students know what to expect from each class.

The final digit indicates whether the class is a full year course or a single semester. A full year course of 32 weeks will have a number that ends with an even digit. A single semester course of 16 weeks will have a number that ends with an odd digit.


OT 101 Old Testament Survey, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a basic overview of the 39 books of the Old Testament. Attention will be given to how the Old Testament should be studied and the relevance it has for Christians today. This class is also available as a distance learning course.

OT 202 Pentateuch, (Genesis through Deuteronomy) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours

An in-depth study of the first five books of the Bible from creation to the wilderness wandering of the Jews.

OT 204 History of Israel, (Joshua through Esther) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
This is a study of Old Testament history from the life of Joshua through the united and divided kingdoms, to the carrying away into captivity in Babylon.

OT 302 Old Testament Poetry, (Job through Song of Solomon) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
This is a thoughtful look at the wisdom and poetry of God in Old Testament times.

OT 304 Old Testament Prophets, (Major and minor prophets) 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
The prophets tell a three-part story of the destruction of Jerusalem, their captivity in Babylon, and the return and rebuilding of the new Jerusalem. These books also describe the coming of the Messiah and the Church He would establish.


NT 101 New Testament Survey, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a basic overview of the 27 books of the New Testament. Attention will be given to how the New Testament should be studied and the relevance it has for Christians today. This class is also available as a distance learning course.

NT 102 Life of Christ, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
An examination of the events and teachings of the life of Christ from his birth to his resurrection and ascension.

NT 103 Acts, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is an exciting journey through the documented history of the rise and spread of New Testament Christianity. This course is also offered as a distance learning class.

NT 201 1 Corinthians, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The Corinthian churches were in an environment much like we find in America today. This is a practical study of church problems with biblical solutions.

NT 203 2 Corinthians, Galatians,16 weeks, 4 credit hours
While the first Corinthian letter admonished the church about many Spiritual problems, the second letter acknowledges their repentance, and encourages them on to Christian maturity. Galatians defines the proper relationship between the Law of Moses and grace.

NT 205 Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The "Prison Epistles" of Paul cover a wide range of subjects including: family relationships, God's great "mystery," positive Spiritual attitudes, the Gospel compared to world philosophies, and a plea to Philemon for mercy for a young slave who had been converted.

NT 207 1 & 2 Thessalonians, and James, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Paul's letters to the Thessalonian church are probably the earliest New Testament writings we have. James is the New Testament book of wisdom.

NT 209 1 & 2 Peter, 1, 2, 3 John, Jude, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
Peter shows how to meet sufferings in the Christian life and be victorious, and how to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. The letters of John teach us to love each other as God loved us.

NT 301 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
The "Pastoral Epistles" are Paul's letters to young preachers with instruction concerning their ministries, and the churches to which they preach. This course is also available as a distance learning class.

NT 303 Hebrews, 16 weeks 4 credit hours
The Jewish churches of Palestine were in danger of drifting back into Judaism because of great external pressure. Hebrews points out the vast superiority of Christianity over Judaism.

NT 401 Romans, 16 weeks 4 credit hours
This is a chapter-by-chapter analysis of one of the most important books in the NT canon. The basic doctrines of Christianity are set forth here, as well as rich teaching for everyday Christian living.

NT 403 Revelation and Daniel, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is an exciting study of the figures and symbols of Revelation. The student will develop clear insights into the opening of the seven seals, the mark of the beast, the 144,000, Armageddon, the harlot, Babylon, and a host of other figures. The historical method of interpretation is used.

Theology and Apolgetics

TH 101 Basic Theology, 16 weeks, 4 hours
This is a study of the basic doctrines of the Faith: The Godhead, sin, salvation, atonement, Christ's incarnation, resurrection, kingdom, second coming, heaven, hell, etc. This course also shows how to answer cultic and denominational views of these and other Bible subjects.

TH 103 Christian Evidences, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
We live in a world of unbelief. This exciting class shows why we believe in God and creation. Every student needs to have his own faith strengthened, and learn ways to convince others about the reality of God more effectively.

TH 105 Cults, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a practical study of the origin and teachings of the various cults: Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc.

TH 107 New Testament Church, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is an in-depth study of what the Bible teaches about the church, and of necessity, the contrast between the New Testament church and various denominations.

TH 201 Hermeneutics, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
2 Peter 3:16 speaks of Paul's epistles and says, "His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction." This is a course of study in the scientific approach to the interpretation of Scripture. This course is also available as a distance learning class.

TH 302 Biblical Introduction, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
This course is all about the Bible - where it came from, the formation of the canon, and translations. The student will also develop a clear understanding of the concepts of revelation, inspiration, inerrancy and authority.

Church History

CH 101 Church History, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course traces the church from its beginning in the first century, through the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant reformation, and down to the restoration of New Testament Christianity today. This course is also available as a distance learning class.

CH 201 Restoration History, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course is an examination of the history of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. This course is also available as a distance learning class.

CH 203 Northwest Church History, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course examines the history of the Restoration Movement in the Pacific Northwest. This course is also available as a distance learning class.

Ministry and Spiritual Growth

MN 101 Men's Personal Development, 16 weeks, 4 hours
This course places a strong emphasis on developing personal accountability and integrity. The student will study Christian manhood, personal money management, the responsibilities of a husband and a father, developing leadership qualities, and proper habits for good health.

MN 103 Women's Personal Development,, 16 weeks, 4 hours
This class is about Christian womanhood, personal finances, health habits, housekeeping, raising children, and other subjects that bring success and fulfillment to the Christian woman.

MN 105 Personal Evangelism, 16 weeks, 4 hours
This is a practical course on leading people to Christ. God has called every Christian to share his or her faith with others. This class will give the student the tools and the confidence needed to be more effective in his witness.

MN 107 Homiletics, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This class is designed to develop skills in sermon preparation and delivery.

MN 201 Christian Education, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course includes practical information for creative Bible teaching, teaching children, Bible school curriculum, Daily Vacation Bible School, and leading small groups.

MN 203 World Missions, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a study of the world's major religions, and methods of taking the gospel to them.

MN 205 Drama in Ministry, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course is a study of how to build an effective drama ministry in church. The class includes discussion on acting, directing, script writing, stage craft, promotion, costumes and make up and several other issues related to drama ministry.

MN 207 Worship Ministry, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a class focused on building an effective worship ministry in your local church. The course is designed to be practical and flexible. Students from a variety of backgrounds and with different goals in ministry can benefit from this class.

MN 209 Youth Ministry, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This class examines the current issues in youth ministry. The course includes discussions lead by several different youth leaders who have been used by God in effective youth ministries.

MN 301 Pastoral Ministries, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a class in the techniques and skills needed to increase success in counseling the many types of problems troubling the congregation. Also included in this course will be discussions about weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

MN 303 Women's Ministries, 32 weeks, 8 hours
This course covers the woman's role and ministry in the church, the preacher's wife, counseling women, church office management, public speaking, etc.

MN 401 Congregational Development, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This course contains practical instructions for church leaders in the 21st century. There is a strong emphasis on strategies for effective discipleship as well as discussions about improving congregational worship, church money management, congregational administration, and developing leadership in the church.


LG 101 Practical English, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is a basic course in English, so necessary for the student who will be preparing written assignments, and for a future where our specialty lies in communicating the gospel through the English language.

LG 103 Bible Language Tools, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
This is an introduction to the basics of Hebrew and Greek. Students will learn how to use the Bible study resources and language tools available today.

LG 202 New Testament Greek, 32 weeks, 8 credit hours
The New Testament was originally written in Greek. This course furnishes a basic knowledge of the structure and vocabulary of the language, and enables the student to use lexicons and commentaries for class and sermon preparation.

LG 401 Advanced Greek, 16 weeks, 4 credit hours
A class in translation of the Greek New Testament, and development of skills in making one's own commentary on the Bible. It is a soul-enriching experience, and furnishes study tools for continuing spiritual growth after graduation.

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